Proposal 3: Continental Championship Rules [ Revision 1 ]

Committee: USA Committee
Submitted on 2017-03-28
Status: Passed on March 31, 2017


Throughout the IUF Rulebook there are rules that are required for "continental championships". Technically NAUCC is a continental championship, however it functions much more like a national championship. There are many rule changes in the latest IUF Rulebook that incorporate the use of "continental championships" in the rules and the intent was definitely towards competitions like the European Championships where you're looking at 500+ competitors. NAUCC has yet to reach anything close to this size. This proposal allows NAUCC to opt out of these stricter requirements as needed.


This rule would be added to the USA Rule Amendments:

IUF Requirements for Continental Championships

Throughout the IUF Rulebook there are various additional specifications, rules, and requirements for Continental Championships. This amendment document recognizes that while NAUCC is the Championship event for the North American Continent, these additional stipulations were generally written with much larger Continental Championships in mind. As such, all additional specifications, rules, and requirements for Continental Championships listed in the IUF Rulebook are treated simply as recommendations for NAUCC.



A (potentially incomplete) list of references to Continental Championships in the 2017 IUF Rulebook (draft):

2B.4 (Track Protest Time Allotment)

3B.6.4.3 (in Slow Races)

5B.5.8 (Muni Finish Camera)

5D.1.3 (Muni Course Requirements)

5D.10 (Muni Start Camera)

7C.4 (Freestyle Number of Judges)

7D.3.1 (Freestyle Announcing of Results)

7D.5.1, 7D.5.2 (Freestyle Minimum Age Groups for Individual and Pairs)

13D.3 (Jumps Practice Equipment)



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