Proposal 2: Amendments of General Rules and Definitions (Part 1) [ Revision 1 ]

Committee: USA Committee
Submitted on 2017-03-28
Status: Passed on March 31, 2017


Effectively, what I have done is merge the 2016 USA Rulebook Amendments with the 2017 IUF Rulebook for Chapter 1.


This proposal would accept Chapter 1 from this draft document to be the new Chapter 1 for the 2017 USA Rulebook Amendments.

A summary of the differences between the USA and IUF Rulebook for chapter 1 follows:

  • USA, USA Board, Unicycling Society of America, and NAUCC replace IUF, IUF Board, International Unicycling Federation, and Unicon wherever and whenever relevant.
  • Section How the Rulebook is Updated: USA Rulebook updates follow the IUF Rulebook completion must be publicized no less than four months before the start day of the next NAUCC to be used there (with the exception of a USA Board vote).
  • Section Nations Represented: Rules about how now North American competitors can participate at NAUCC.
  • Section Required Events at Unicon/NAUCC: List the events required at NAUCC.
  • Section Registration Forms (and Waiver): Add text "waiver absolving the USA board and its members from liability."
  • Section Awards: Add stipulations about adding the USA logo, "Unicycling Society of America" or "NAUCC" to the awards, and requiring USA Board approval.
  • Section Terminology: Remove bits about specific disciplines and Unicon.
  • Section Definitions: Add USA: Unicycling Society of America, Inc to the definitions alongside the IUF.


Alongside this, I have also created an automatically generated "difference" document between the 2017 IUF Rulebook and the 2017 USA Rulebook Amendments (proposed draft). This diff document is available as a PDF here. Note that because the changes are marked up automatically, this can sometimes result in odd or confusing markup. Refer to my summary of differences above if confused.



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